BlockOn Agenda 2017

25 April 2017 | Tuesday


Registration & Coffee


Opening Remarks

Gerben Visser, Co-Founder, The Singapore FinTech Consortium


Keynote: Unlocking Blockchain

Overview of the history and evolution of bitcoin & blockchain: what is it and why so many people talking about it? How does it work? What problems do it solve? What are the benefits?


Keynote: Private and Scalability in Private and Public Blockchain Systems

The greatest advancements in blockchain technology are all based on the advantages derived from the public, ‘open’ type of blockchain, while most people in the professional finance world are looking for advancements in the private, ‘permissioned’ type of blockchain. Is there room for both to prevail?


Morning Coffee Break & Refreshments


Panel: Banking on Blockchain

What attracted Banks to Bitcoin/Blockchain? How will blockchain for payment & transfer evolve? Can digital currencies can be a potential way to solve Central Bank’s operational problem?


Fireside Chat: Blockchain Regulatory Clinic

Learn about current regulatory and compliance environment for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, and what to expect from regulators in the future. MAS launched the regulatory sandbox for FinTech, how does this work and how should we draw the line in blockchain?




Panel: Decentralizing & Disrupting the Exisiting Markets

What are the potential application of blockchain and what are startups doing to disrupt centralized markets (e.g.payments, asset exchange, identity registration and e-commerce)?


Keynote: Bitcoin for Business

Bitcoin 101. Learn how to use, how to transact, how safe and secure it is to use Bitcoin in today’s context.


Roundtable Discussion


Afternoon Coffee Break


Panel: Adapting to Blockchain's Disruption

Alliances have formed all over the world, researching and experimenting on blockchain technology. Learn about what they are doing, the difficulties they face and what’s next for them.


Keynote: Hyperledger Project

In this session, we will get to know more about the Hyperledger project. The opportunities that both the corporations and start-up will get to explore by participating in this project. Will this project change the way of using the blockchain technology in future?


Closing Remarks from Chairman


Drinks & Network Opportunities

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26 April 2017 | Wednesday, Track 1


Registration & Coffee


Panel: Unlocking China's Blockchain

Look into China’s development with Blockchain technology and for the first time, gain insights to how advanced they are with this technology.


Fireside Chat: What's Blockchain for? - Developing Countries

Blockchain technology has garnered mass interest from developed countries. Developing countries on the other hand has not been making much headline. Understand how they are going to adopt and utilise this technology and what are the challenges faced by them!


Keynote: Unlocking Australia's Blockchain

• How is blockchain transforming the Australian economy?
• Exploring use cases to transform society – using distributed ledger technology to collect taxes deliver benefits, issue passports, record land registries and assure the supply chain of goods
• Investing in research to ensure technology is robust and scalable and identify other challenges


Morning Tea Break


Fireside Chat: Banking for Cryptocurrency Companies

Even though Banks are increasingly adopting the use of Blockchain Technology, Digital currency Companies are still struggling to get access to Banking Services.

In this Fireside Chat, we will be looking at and addressing the issues why Digital Currency companies still struggle and are there any ways for them to get access to Banking services.


Panel: How Blockchain will underpin the future global trade finance

  1. Exploring how Blockchain technology will be able to disrupt the capital markets.

  2. What are the innovations on Capital Markets in recent years.

  3. Will Blockchain technology reduces the complications that exist in the financial markets? 


Panel: The Future Capital Markets (Digital Asset Trading)

For years, banks has played a significant role in the facilitation of global trade of goods in cross-border flows through payment, risk mitigation as well as financing. However, there are issues of agility, scalability and transparency of these bank-intermediated finance solutions. Will blockchainprovide a solution to these problems?




Panel: Innovation in the Insurance Industry

Blockchain innovation in the insurance industry could maximize efficiencies in recordkeeping for global insurers. Learn what increased transparency and accuracy could bring about for the startups and corporate innovators. 


Panel: Optimization of Cash Management

With the adoption of Blockchain Technology, payments has been getting faster and cheaper.

Not only payments, Blockchain Technology can also enable banks, other institutions and corporations to full transparency in their liquidity positions, not forgetting cash, for strategic goals, capital productivity and  business development.  


Panel: Making Securities Settlement More Efficient

Traditionally, the time take for securities settlement are counted by days.

When blockchain gets introduced to securities clearing and settlement, the waiting times will drastically decreased to within minutes tor settlement.

Will this disrupted this enormous market fundamentally or will this just minimally improve this market?


Keynote: Streamlining Financial Audit & Regulatory Compliance Processes

The use of distributed ledgers of blockchain will enforce continuity and honesty in audit and compliance processes. Enhanced interoperability will also make reporting process easier for the users. 


Networking Break


Panel: Investing in Blockchain - a VC Prospective

The use of distributed ledgers of blockchain will enforce continuity and honesty in audit and compliance processes. Enhanced interoperability will also make reporting process easier for the users. 


Closing Remarks

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