Head of Operations, IT and Project Management - BIBF

Ahmed Naeemi

Ahmed Naeemi is the Head of Operations, IT & Project Management at BIBF. Ahmed

has over 20 years of experience in IT Management and he currently leads BIBF’s IT &

Project Management Learning Centre. As part of his management role, he has lead

various learning initiatives in the areas of IT such as the introduction of training programmes on Blockchain, Digital Transformation, FinTech, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. Ahmed has recently led the initiative of launching BIBF’s Blockchain Academy and is currently working closely with the BIBF team as a thought leader and a digital expert to introduce new Digital Transformation programmes at the BIBF.

In addition, Ahmed is the Project Manager for BIBF’s Conferences and Forums including Cyber Security Forum & Expo, Economic Diversification Forum and the recent EmTech Summit & Expo that was held in October 2018 where he has also participated as a panellist sharing his relevant experience to the summit discussion.

Prior to joining BIBF, he was the Director of MIS in Gulf Finance House (GFH). Furthermore, he was a key leader of IT in several other banking institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain such as Capivest and National Bank of Bahrain.

Previously, Ahmed served on the board of the ICT Specific Council in the Ministry of

Labour and he was also on the board of many societies such as Bahrain Internet

Society, Bahrain Information Technology Society and PMI.

Ahmed is an inspiring regional keynote speaker in specialist conferences. He made

contributions as a keynote speaker in many conferences such as the 3rd GCC

Government Organisation Websites Global Competitiveness Strategy Development

Conference held in Dubai in December 2011 and took part in many conferences

around the region talking about IT, Information Security and Project Management topics.

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