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Cassandre Vandeputte

After studying economics and computer science during her bachelor and focusing her interests on data management and business intelligence for her master, Cassandre started working on a blockchain R&D project in the Innovation Labs of a major consultancy company. Afterwards she built up some IT integration experience at a major energy player in Belgium before joining SettleMint in September 2017 to go back to her initial passion for decentralised technologies. The glimpse she had on the current state of data management within the energy sector and realising blockchain could help in many ways, she took the initiative to develop SettleMint’s product EnergyMint, specifically tailored for utilities use-cases. Next to that, she had the opportunity to work on various cross-sector and cross-continent blockchain integration use-cases, which kept her eagerness to take action and learn fulfilled. In order to accelerate the awareness around blockchain she founded, together with 4 blockchain aficionados, the Brussels-based Hive community which mainly focuses on organising events around blockchain accessible to anyone both financially and content-wise.

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