The roundtables will bring together prominent industry leaders and start ups to discuss about important issues in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Roundtable Topics

Topic 1: Blockchain Meets FinTech

Topic 2: Role of Blockchain in Financial Services

Topic 3: Role of Blockchain in Supply chain management

Topic 4: Establishing FinTech Blockchain Curriculum

Topic 5: Venture Capital in Blockchain

Topic 6: Difficulties of a Blockchain Startup

Topic 7: Blockchain For Identity

Topic 8: Blockchain For User Managed Access

Topic 9: Discovery of the Potential of Smart Contracts

Topic 10: Legal landscape for Blockchain developments

Topic 11:  Crytocurrency 101

Topic 12:  Crytocurrency Meets Traditional Currency

Topic 13: Banks’ dilemma with Crytocurrency

Topic 14: Developers Meets Open-source Coders

Topic 15: Challenges of Crytocurrency Startups

Topic 16: Challenges of Crytocurrency Exchanges

Topic 17: Decentralized or Centralized

Topic 18: Risks, dangers and security flaws of Crytocurrency

Topic 19: Legal landscape for Crytocurrency developments

Topic 20: Winners and Losers of Crytocurrency developments

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